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Package Ideas

We always have something to offer that enhances your trip this this wonderful part of Spain


Whether you are a virgin traveller to Mojacar or an old hat there is always something exciting and rewarding to add to your holiday. Some may want to "fly & flop" and enjoy the areas beaches, bars & restaurants and some may want to do it all. In our experience we've found that pre-booking your experiences gives you something to look forward during your stay but also guarantees you don't miss out.


Of course you and your party can book your day & night experiences as individual entities or as a package, this all depends on how much or how you want to do while with us in Tenerife however you shouldn't lose out on any special offers we have so when you find what it is you like then don't hesitate to drop the team a message and we will make sure you you have the best experience.


Adding individual activities to your trip to Mojacar will allow you not only to access to exclusive offers but the ability to benefit from special offers when you package them together, such as;


  • Certain individual activities offer free places for groups over 12
  • Certain activity suppliers overlap therefore allowing you to take advantage of package prices
  •  Adding 2 activities together will open up freebies for you, for instance if you add 2 water sports you'll receive a FREE cocktail party
  • Book an event such as a wedding, birthday celebration and gain access to freebies from our relationships with activity suppliers
  • Book certain activities and receive a FREE drinks and food discount card for a variety of places


Our passion is in your smile


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