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Functional Wellness

Functional nutrition reviews each of us as individuals, therefore it is easier to work with a personalised programme that suits you and not just a “one size fits all” generalised approachFunctional nutrition examines how food impacts our bodies at a cellular level and how the functions of the body can be supported by lifestyle choices and the right nutrition.  


We will look at the following:  

  • How to support your liver and remove the toxins from your environment.  
  • Improve your sleep by resetting your circadian rhythms.  
  • How to de-stress and keep your immune system healthy.  
  • Improve your energy by regulating your sugar levels.  
  • How to hydrate and keep your kidneys healthy.  
  • Avoid cravings and optimise your digestion.  
  • How to eat mindfully and prevent emotional eating.  


This is a great opportunity to learn from our functional nutritionist and wellness coach. You will be able to review your health and well-being from a new perspective and uncover news ways to improve. The masterclass will allow you to unearth any blockages that may keep you from the being the best you possible. You can also opt to book a personal consultation, allowing you to discuss, confidentially, any ongoing health issues, dietary requirements and receive further personal guidance for you to move forward.   


Why not let the team put together a tailor made package for you and friends, we can include a variety of elements so your getaway leaves you feeling refreshed and raring to go.


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